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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (Relevant to The Oriental Karate & Club)

How does one know which karate club is the best one in the city Ask the students who have been learning in the concerned club Check the years of experience and reputation of the club in the city Ask the parents whose children are enrolled in the Club

    Q. What is the minimum age to join for Karate classes?

    A: child should be minimum 5 years old in order to get admission in the club.

    Q. What is the medium of Instruction?

    A. English & Japanese.

    Q. How long it takes to get promotion to higher belt?

    A. It depends on how good is a student in his belt syllabus. Students will be evaluated to verify if he/she is eligible to appear for the test and      circular will be given to appear for the test.

    Q. How long it takes to get a black belt degree?

    A. An average student takes 2 to 3 years of regular training to appear for the black belt test.

    Q. What is the order of the belt system in Karate?

    A. White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown-4, Brown-3, Brown-2, Brown-1, Black
        (after Black, there are higher degrees like, 3rd. Degree etc.).

    Q. Is there any option to avail a discount on the fee structure?

    A. Siblings discounts and advance payment discounts are available.

    Q. Does the club provide any conveyance?

    A. Yes, We do arrange conveyance for those who require it.

    Q. Is it ensured that my child does not get a physical injury while practicing?

    A. As it is there in any other sports, Karate is not an exemption.

    Q. When can I join for kobudo course?

    A. After appearing for the first grading test in Karate.

    Q. Can I practice any other kind of martial arts/yoga while practicing karate?

    A. All kind of martial arts & many of the Yoga exercises are included in our Curriculum.

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